Waiting list

Required information

To add one of our beautiful kittens to your family, the first step is to join our waiting list.  Please start by answering the following questions:

- Your  name

- Your city

- Phone number and email 

- What kind of kitten do you want?( fold or straight, highland or shorthair)

- What color do you prefer?

-Do you have other cats? Have you ever had a cat?

Please, send your answers to  and we will contact you.

Waiting list fee is  $50 per kitten. This deposit will be a part of  the total price of your kitten. It is nonrefundable. The deposits are never expire!

We will be looking for caring, responsible homes for our cats and kittens; people who will care for them for the rest of their lives and ensure that they continue responsibility for neutering, vaccinating, feeding and loving them.

Scottish Fold kittens are from 1500$-2000$.

The price of Scottish Straight kittens is in a range of 900$-1400$.

We have the following upcoming litters of Scottish Fold kittens planned for the near future.

Check available kittens first, please!

Summer/Fall 2020