How to Take Care of a Scottish Fold

1) Consult your vet!


Take your cat to the veterinarian at least once a year for routine check ups and dental appointments. Also, make sure your cat is up-to-date with its shots and vaccinations.

2)Brush it regularly.


If you have a shorthaired Scottish fold, then brush it once or twice a week using a metal comb. If you have a longhaired Scottish fold, then you will need to brush it daily. Use a wire slicker brush to comb your longhaired Scottish fold.

  • Brush in the direction of its hair growth and make sure to brush its whole body, including its chest and abdomen.

3) Check its ears once a week.


Check the outside of its ears for bald spots, and make sure the inner surfaces of its ears are light pink and clean. Check its ear canals by gently folding its ears back. The ear canal should be dirt-free, have a healthy pink color, and have minimal earwax.

  • If your cat’s ears look dirty, then use a damp cloth or cotton ball to wipe away dirt and debris. You can moisten the cloth with an equal parts water and apple-cider vinegar solution for a thorough clean. Never stick anything into your cat’s ears to clean them.
  • If you notice swelling, a large amount of wax, bleeding, pus, or smell an odor, then you should take your cat to the vet to see if it has an ear infection.

4) Make sure its litter box is clean.


 Check your cat’s litter box twice a day for cleanliness, i.e., once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Make sure to remove any waste and re-fill the litter box with fresh, clean litter.

5) Feed it age-appropriate food.


You will need to feed your Scottish fold kitten food when it is a kitten. Once it is one-year old, you may feed it regular, adult food.

  • Check the food’s label to make sure the food you have chosen is age-appropriate.

6)Choose a high-quality, brand name food.

Before purchasing a brand, make sure to check the ingredients list. The first two or three ingredients listed should be named meats like chicken, beef, salmon, or tuna, to name a few. If not, then choose a different brand.

  • You can feed your cat both wet and dry food. You can even mix its dry food with a little bit of wet food to make it more enticing. 
  • I feed my cats with Blue Buffalo Wildness.

7) Provide it with fresh water daily.


Provide it with fresh water daily. Change out your cat’s water bowl at least twice a day. This will guarantee that your cat has fresh water every day.

8)Provide it with a variety of toys!

Because Scottish folds are intelligent, puzzle and teaser toys are a great choice. You can also keep your cat entertained with ping-pong balls, cardboard boxes, and crumpled pieces of paper. Make sure the toys you choose are safe and cat friendly.

  • Avoid toys that contain feathers, cords, strings, and ribbons, and toys that contain small pieces that can be chewed off and ingested. These toys may block the cat's digestive tract and seriously threaten the cat's life. Emergency treatment for swallowed strings can be expensive.
  • Throw away and replace damaged toys.

From website WikiHow