When do you let your kittens go?

Kittens can go to new homes not early then 12 weeks (after the second vaccine ).

Can I come to see the kittens in person?

Sure, you can always come to see the kitten in person! Also you can ask about video and photos of the kitten you  are interested in, feel free to call and text me!

Why the price of kittens is different?

The price usually depends on class ( quality) of kitten ( pet class , breed class or show class)  and ears (straight or fold).

Can I meet the parents of the kitten?

Yes, you can! All the kittens and their parents live together, so any time you can see the mom and the dad of the kitten, you can see parent’s pedigree and papers which show that all the cats are dewormed, vaccinated and healthy!

What type of temperament do these cats have?

The Scottish Fold is a sweet, charming breed. She is an easy cat to live with and to care for. These are sweet, calm cats who enjoy being around people, children, other cats and even dogs. You’re never lonely when you have a Scottish Fold!

What are the common health problems that should be expected for this breed?

If both parents contribute the folded gene or parent are not healthy, then the kitten is likely to suffer from genetic mutatio- congenital osteodystrophy, a genetic condition that causes deformities of the vertebral, leg and tail bones due to cartilage thickening (a little like osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease in humans). So if you buy a kitten, check his body. The tail shouldn’t be small , short and thick .This disease in not curable.Always confirm the bloodline before purchasing a kitten.

When are you expected the next litter?

Next litter is expected to be born in December.

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